Useful Numbers in Vision Science

In early 1994, I began compiling a list of numbers to describe some of the major features of the visual pathways Many of the students in my classes at Stanford found such a list of numbers useful. Also, I planned to include the numbers inside the cover of my textbook, Foundations of Vision (Sinauer Press, e-mail to

In early 1995, on the spur of the moment, I sent a message to CVNET asking for numbers others found useful. Many people generously shared their work with me. Using my own values and these contributed values, I created one organized list of numbers. I have also compiled the much larger list of e-mail responses I received. The e-mail responses have been edited only slightly (personal annotations were removed; also, longer addresses including fax numbers and so forth were removed). Both of these lists can be obtained by clicking below.

The numbers on this list are not precisely accurate, and some may even be wrong-headed. If you wish to make additions to the list, please feel free to send me a message and I will try to post your message or a correction to this list.

Thanks to all of who replied to my query. If you who would like to take over managing this list of numbers, please send me a message.

Brian Wandell